Exit Mold believes that testing a home or building for mold is an integral part of the entire remediation process. Testing offers the following advantages:

  • Compares inside air to outside air. If levels are elevated inside over outside, it determines that there is most likely a mold issue inside the home.

  • Compares various areas of the home to another. This helps to determine where the mold is coming from & extent and therefore what needs to be done to fix it.

  • Helps to focus remediation efforts in the proper areas of the building, so resources aren’t wasted in areas that aren’t a problem.

  • Allows us to compare levels of molds and specific types of molds.

  • Helps to determine whether a home has a high mold content due to its location, like a wooded area or near a lake.

  • For Physicians: It can determine what molds exists and at what quantities they exist, which can help link a physical symptom to a cause and therefore a remedy.

  • For Home Buyers or Sellers: It can help determine whether a structure is safe or unsafe to occupy. This is becoming more popular before homes are bought and sold.

  • Allows us to test a specific area to see if there is mold growth or not.



As a Certified Mold Inspector (CMI), we routinely perform mold spore air tests. These tests can be used to compare samples of inside air to the outside environment as well as to compare different areas of your home.

After testing is complete and analysed in an independant lab, we provide you with an detailed but clear report that let’s you know exactly what type of molds exist and to what extent the spores are in the air. The results also determine which molds are most prevalent in the air at the time of testing. This data is used to recommend treatment options for removal if required and long term abatement of the mold.



Tape Lift Samples are used to take a small portion from a solid surface, like wood, to determine exactly what type of mold is on that surfaced in that specifc area.



We are professional mold experts and we use a licensed and certified independent lab to determine the results of all of our mold air & material tests.

These advanced tests will generate a report that will show you what type of molds exist in your home and to what extent the spores are in the air.

After your mold removal or remediation project is complete, we can test the inside air again and provide a report, so you can be assured that we have returned your home’s ecological state to at least that of the outside air. This is known as ‘Clearance Testing’.

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