When tenants and residents in Nassau County find mold around their homes and places of work they are usually faced with the difficulty of finding an experienced, trustworthy, licensed and certified mold inspector in Nassau County, NY. At Exit

Mold, we provide the most professional & competitive mold inspections, testing, removal, and remediation of mold in your homes, while ensuring that you have the right air quality in your homes.

At Exit Mold, we are a fully licensed, insured and certified mold inspection company with a well-trained team of mold inspectors here in Nassau County, New York, we inspect, detect and prevent mold in your homes. Here at Exit Mold, we offer home inspections to homeowners, business owners and renters as well. We equally provide

mold inspection services for business owners who desire to have tested mold-free environment.


Mold is essentially fungi, these fungi are found all over our homes and business premises both outdoors and indoors. There are many different species with the four major types being Penicillium, Cladosporium, Stachybotrys, and Aspergillums.

Mold is found all around us, in a decaying matter, in soils and is airborne within the environment, Mold are very important in the decay of plants and other matter, but once indoors there are mold types that are very harmful to our health.


It is quite easy for anyone to identify mold growth or musty smells in his or her environment, but after identifying a mold issue you need to contact Exit Mold for a

professional and proper mold inspection and assessment of the toxicity and to also know the type of mold in other areas to offer the right remediation to remove the mold or smells permanently.

Mold detection is handled by our teams of highly trained, skilled and certified mold inspectors who are concerned about your wellbeing.


  • We send our certified inspectors to your property to inspect the property in detail, by following the most current mold assessment processes and also carrying out air and sample testing, of the given property.

  • Our team of inspectors will take air samples to test for mold in the air; they will also swab surfaces in order to detect & type the mold on them. Thereafter our team of mold inspectors will also check for moisture issues which lead to mold growth and take moisture levels throughout the premises.

  • We send the mold specimens for further testing in a certified lab to determine the extent & type of the molds found. For outdoor inspections, we use particle counters to find out the level of negative particles that are found indoor and compare it with the ones found outside.

  • We go a step further by using infrared cameras, in conjunction with moisture readers, to locate moisture behind walls, floors and ceilings you can’t see which is also likely areas mold is growing, in the hidden regions of your home or office.


At Exit Mold, we carry out air testing regularly to find out if the air around you is contaminated with mold. We take air samples within different locations in your home and compare them to outside (or control) samples for accurate comparisons of the mold inside the property.

We send all our mold samples to our independent & certified Lab and this returns a detailed report of the test to you. The result we give to you will clearly show the types of molds in your homes and the extent of its effect on the air quality and also how to remedy the mold found in your home.


  1. Molds can be found both indoor and outdoor in your homes. Air conditioning systems, vents, windows, and doors are the major means that Molds travel through, in both homes and business places.

  2. Mold can be found in any room or space in your house

  3. Moist & humid environments such as leaking pipes in boiler rooms give rise to mold.

  4. Allergies to mold vary between individuals. Some people experience headache, itchy or irritated eyes, and sore throats when exposed to mold, while others do not experience any form of allergy when exposed to it. Sometimes the effects of it to the health can be immediate or delayed for some time. As a result of this, it is very important that you contact Exit Mold inspectors in Nassau County, NY to be very sure that you live in a healthy and mold-free environment for your family, tenants and employees.

  5. Not every black mold is toxic.

  6. It is advisable to keep your building dry and well ventilated in order avoid mold in your homes.

At Exit Mold, we provide the most professional & competitive mold inspections, testing, removal, and remediation of mold in your homes in Nassau County, NY, contact us today, and we will take care of our mold issues.